Chincapin Stable Welcomes Angelo!!

Our new gelding!

Our new gelding!

Chincapin is excited to welcome our newest four legged family member, Angelo! Angelo is an 8 year old, 16.1 hand Zweibrucker Warmblood gelding who came to us all the way from Castle Rock, Colorado! He is a talented three day eventing horse, and he is ready to teach our riders all about dressage, stadium, and cross country jumping.

Even more, Angelo was generously donated to the camp by Beth Jauquet, a former Chincapin rider who is a now a successful equestrian professional. We are so excited for this lovely boy to join our string. He can't wait for spring lessons to begin so he can meet all of our awesome riding students!

The young Beth with a Chincapin pony.

The young Beth with a Chincapin pony.

Here is the story of how Angelo came to us written by Beth herself:

"It all started with a pony ride in Disney World when I was 2 years old. That is, a lifelong passion for anything horse related. My Dad would later call that pony ride, “the biggest mistake of his life.” From that moment forward, I was obsessed. Every family vacation HAD to include riding horses; I HAD to go pet the horses after preschool; even long drives to visit a family friend’s horses became a regular request.

My Dad had a colleague that was affiliated with Chincapin riding stables and Red Oak Camp. Finally, after 4 years of pestering, my parents agreed to sign my sister and me up for riding lessons. After just one session, we were hooked! I continued to ride at Chincapin until I graduated high school in 1998.

After high school, I moved to Colorado to attend college at Colorado State University. During that time, I explored many different equestrian disciplines. However, it was the foundation that I received while riding at Chincapin that made me the horsewoman that I am today. Chincapin was not only a great environment for students, but it was also the best home a horse could ask for. This is why, when it came time to make a difficult decision about the future of my own horse, Chincapin aka “pony paradise”, was the first place that came to mind.

In July 2014, I purchased a 6-year-old imported German gelding from Pennsylvania named Angelo. Soon after moving to Colorado, it was clear that something about the climate or environment did not agree with him. After a year and a half of trying almost every treatment imaginable, I realized that Angelo needed to move back to a climate where he’d be happy and healthy. Although it was a very difficult decision, I was reassured knowing that Angelo would be happy. And, that he would be able to help teach the Chincapin students the wonderful lessons that I learned almost 20 years ago.

Currently, my dad is stuggling with Alzheimer’s disease and some days I’m not sure that he even recognizes me. However, when I told him that I was donating Angelo to Chincapin he perked up and had a moment of clarity. He smiled as we reminisced about Saturday morning lessons; trail rides in the Holden Arboretum; riding director at the time, Marty Toneff; and the rest of the wonderful staff. Obviously, Chincapin left a lasting impression on him, as well. In a very strange way, I feel that my donation of Angelo to Chincapin is a thank you to my Dad and Mom for all the sacrifices they made that enabled me to pursue my passion.

In closing, I’d like to take a moment to thank Laura Stockhaus, the Chincapin Riding Director, for making this possible. I can’t wait to watch Angelo grow and develop in your program."

Sincerely, Beth Jauquet