SPRING AND FALL Riding Lessons

Chincapin offers horseback riding lesson sessions in the spring and fall each year.  Participants receive nine lessons comprised of one half hour of ground and one hour of mounted lesson time. Riders will be grouped based on their riding ability, and class sizes range from 2 and 5 riders. This program is offered to individuals 7 and older. Yes, adults are welcome! At the end of each lesson session, we hold a fun and friendly horse show so the riders can show off what they have learned throughout the course of the season.


Chincapin’s Equestrian Center offers lovely outdoor riding facilities. During the fall and spring, our riders enjoy the beautiful scenery adjacent to Stebbins Gulch. At the discretion and with the supervision of the instructor, students can also enjoy trail rides near the surrounding Holden Arboretum.

spring 2018 Session

Interested? Please email for dates ridingdirector@redoakcamp.org

Once times and dates have been confirmed, please complete the following forms and return them to ridingdirector@redoakcamp.org.

 Please contact the Riding Director (ridingdirector@redoakcamp.org) with any questions.